Sustainable & Renewable Farming

At FWRoweandSons we share a real passion for sustainable agriculture. We believe that farming and nature go hand-in-hand and understand the positive impact farming can make to our environment.

We already have a number of Countryside Stewardship schemes on our farm sites as well as applications to add to this under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI).

On top of these initiatives, we regularly maintain our hedges with cutting, laying and gapping up as well as new hedge and in hedge tree establishment where feasible, making use of capital grants and local funding to achieve this.

Soil management is at the heart of our sustainable farming ethos. We regularly complete soil mapping to monitor, record and ensure that our farming practises improve the soil fertility and structure of the land that we farm.

We farm a wide variety of soil types so our establishment approach is flexible and best suited to the soil conditions at that time, focusing on reducing compaction where possible and making the most of the weather.

Water Harvesting System (100,000 ltrs)

2 New Pond Installations

Shared solar farm agreement